Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's it going to be then, eh?

Finally Finished

A Clockwork Orange is a book about a droog named Alex, he is a nadsat which is a teenager and he is what the whole novel is about. In this story the criminals own the night, Alex is a criminal, this is the story of his trials through part of that life and into a new one and into a new one again. I'd definitely recommend reading this It's very hard to explain but it's a great book. When you first open it you'll probably be like what the hell does all this mean(The Terminology) you can look up "A Clockwork Orange Terms" on google and it will give you a whole dictionary for teenage slang terms that are used in the novel. Anyways give it a shot it's a rad book. Ultra-Violent though so be aware of that.


Andrew said...

You should watch the movie and let me know how it compares to the book...I'm lazy haha

Jeffro said...

I've heard that the movie is only the first 2 parts of the book(There's 3 all together). The third part is the part that helps make sense of everything.