Sunday, November 2, 2008

MMA Classes

Well recently I've been getting into all of this UFC stuff and what not. (Thanks Andrew hah) But I decided I'd like to start taking MMA Classes to learn the "ways" so to say. I'm actually going to be training and learning at a proffesional fighter's gym so it should be very cool but it will be a tough experience and I'm looking forward to the tries it's going to put me through. But I've decided I'm going to commit to this, not just blow smoke as usual, I think it will help me better myself as a person. I'm way looking forward to kicking the Spider's ass! haha I start Classes Tuesday and Thursday at "Team Quest" Dan Henderson's Gym.


Andrew said...

Rock on!! Maybe after some classes you'll be able to take me...haha

Steve said...

that'll be pretty sweet. Good luck with the classes.

Steve C said...

Nice Jeff. I'm sure glad I didn't terrorize you when you were younger. Should be an interesting Christmas...for Josh and Andrew...ha ha ha just kidding.